Our MD has 30 years process serving experience throughout the UK

The personal service or delivery of claim forms, statutory demands, bankruptcy petitions, divorce papers and the like are often carried out by the 2,000 or so Process Servers in the UK on a daily basis.


The arrival of mandatory business licensing in the UK for Private Investigators is likely in the next year or two. The licence will reinforce the already high standards that we and other process servers in the private sector already adhere to…

Our Private Investigator Training School offers a process server E-learn course and training days for process servers.

We run regular classroom based training in Process Serving and assist the Association of British Investigators train novice process servers to an acceptable level.

We support the Legal Services throughout the UK and operate a network of private investigators / process servers to effect serves.

Situational Awareness

The secret to good process serving is courtesy and professionalism. The heavy handed approach is not required. We are often thanked for keeping the matter confidential or for being tactful when approaching a person’s residence.

When you serve documents you need to be aware of GDPR considerations and Human Rights – the information you hold in the papers is very much, “Personal Information”. Exercise caution when speaking to a party that has not been identified as being the person you are serving….everyone has the right to have respect for their private and family life, home and correspondence –  just make sure you bear this in mind….

Accurate Reports

When you choose a process server you need to check that they are capable of producing error free Statements of Service or Affidavits of Service. These documents prove to the Court that the document has been served in the prescribed manner.

In summary, we recommend that you select a process serving firm that also operates as Private Investigators. Try to ensure that they belong to an appropriate Trade Association and have full Professional Indemnity Insurances. They should be established and accredited, perhaps with a qualification in professional investigations in the private sector.

Acknowledged expertise

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