We serve legal or Court documents such as, Notices, Claims, Summonses, Petitions and Injunctions, to individuals or corporate entities. We act inside the latest legislation. Our process servers are particularly proud of our success in personal service, at all levels and in, “Every conceivable situation”.

We offer an immediate response in personal collection of an urgent serve and will effect the same at the earliest opportunity.

Our reporting procedure is just as efficient with: Affidavits or Statements of Service produced and dispatched on the day of service.

We offer a, “One stop”, service to clients who require document service or the service of process anywhere in the UK. For example as part of our legal support service we serve Statutory Demands for £95.00 + VAT (West Yorks & Gtr Mcr) – £120.00 + VAT for the rest of England and Wales..

We enhance any process we serve with a good status report regarding the debtor and their circumstances. The exchanges between the process server and the debtor or respondent are very important and are faithfully recorded and reported.

We have amassed a decade of experience and knowledge in International Process Serving and our service of legal process extends to countries both inside and outside the UK.  We can advise you and your attorneys on matters of “Due Diligence” and are aware of the particular requirements when serving under The Hague Convention, EU Law, French Law and so on.

When the clock is ticking you may need our debtor trace and people finding operations – and we offer a UK wide and international trace enquiry service should this be required.

Our private investigators and process servers, “Cover every blade of grass”, and we include, translators, multilingual operatives and male or female process servers amongst our numbers.

Our fees are negotiable and we offer a “Fixed Fee” service. We can act on an, “Agent to agent” basis….

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