We are based in Bradford and Leeds and are on call to deliver our highly experienced team to attend to your requirements.

Our operatives are fully trained and experienced and will only take on assignments that have been examined and passed as ethical and lawful. We conduct all our private investigator assignments with a simple motto: Train, Implement and Succeed.

We are your professional witnesses and our good name and reputation will serve you well when our evidence is presented. A Burton Regan report outweighs a pile of cowboy reports!

Our customer base remains the Legal and commercial sector in Bradford who appreciate our diligence, expertise and dedication.

Our surveillance team is adaptable and can be employed in, “Every conceivable situation”. We remain at the forefront of best practice using the best operatives available.

We can use bespoke agents who can employ a “Pretext” or can go, “Undercover”, if the need arises.

Our expert Private Investigators in Bradford specialise in all aspects of security and detective work.

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