Police work has been farmed out to organisations in the private sector for sometime in the UK….some private sector conglomerates even operate a Police Station.

Two interesting things are currently underway, Police numbers are reducing in line with budgetary pressures whilst investigators in the private sector are in the process of being regulated and licensed – the press announced in early 2012, that a number of UK Police Forces are exploring the wider possibility of employing Private sector operators to support investigations, conduct patrols and manage criminals.

The challenge is that future private sector investigators deployed are suitably qualified, vetted and capable of delivering a real difference to crime and offender management.

The daily experience of investigators in the private sector who currently operate in the UK already have the personal resource and capability to alter their role and emphasis into one of proactivity and police support. Vast local knowledge and decades of experience and expertise is a resource that is available.

The opportunities are growing for the private investigator – it is, potentially, a triple, “Win”, scenario – the Police could have a useful source of experience and expertise to support them, the investigators from the private sector will be able to demonstrate their ethics, standards and skills, whilst society in general has a new affordable buffer of expertise, checks and balances…

If the Private sector – Private Investigator “Blue line”, is ever going to become a reality the PI industry must be regulated in a fair and equitable manner.

The media continually parade a succession of the cowboy operators who tarnish the good name of professional and ethical private investigators…..once the public have a system of private investigator licenses that they can trust – then the industry can move on and the, law abiding Private Investigators can prosper – Licencing with a competency test is the only way forward!

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