Our preferred method of operation is to use carefully selected local investigators when making enquiries outside the UK…budget permitting.

If we trace a person to Spain we will instruct the appropriate agency to complete the enquiry. We once tried to, “Manoeuvre” around the many local and national obstacles to conduct a land registry trace in Spain using the phone and e-mails. Even though we have a basic command of Spanish the very complicated “Maze” of land registration in that country meant that we expended valuable time and effort in trying to find the old “Name” of a bar situated on the coast – we learnt very early that the most cost effective method of proceeding was to go to our contact book and let the local experts do the work.

Going back to Spain when we traced an absconder to what looked like a PO Box or Mail Box address – we were given a budget extension to complete the enquiry as the client felt that the mail box would be a shield between debtor and his creditor. A local agency was used to find the: “Missing Jigsaw pieces”. They were able to report that the mail boxes were only used as a matter of convenience as the addresses they served were actually located along the side of a mountain. As Grupo Correos (The Spanish Postal Service) were unable to reach the actual houses the mail boxes or PO Box’s as we might call them were used for local convenience. The international report came back identifying the debtors residential address with a good status report including photographs of vehicles associated with the complex.

In turn, we have worked on an, “Agency basis”, for investigators, enquiry agencies and even finance houses based in countries like the Netherlands, the U.S.A, South Africa. We realise that a professional report with a realistic invoice is what is required – thus ensuring that your reputation and our probity and standards are maintained by keeping on the right side of the law in foreign lands. One of the other “Pay offs”, is that the selected local experienced investigator will always produce better and more accurate results.

Remember that if you instruct a licensed private investigator stateside directly – you might end up paying around £200.00 just for a file to be opened – without any work being carried out – at least we will ensure total cost effectiveness.

Sometimes, is it who you know, rather than what you know!

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