We are the peoples, “friends reunited”. Tracing missing people and our location tracing services are based on a combination of people find databases, decades of experience and our dedicated team of field investigators. Our Enhanced Missing Person Trace is available online for: £95.00 + VAT. We work on results – so your enquiry is (Initially) treated as: “No find – No fee”.

As genealogical and probate trace experts we regularly search for lost people and supply the tracing service that is needed by family members, solicitors, trustees, local authorities and banks. We can supply a person’s birth certificate if needed as well as a marriage document and, in some cases, the death certificate.

Some assignments will require greater resources, notably time. Our promise, notwithstanding, is that you will receive a realistic quote for any work you assign to us.

People Locate

We supply the necessary links in the, “Fuzzy jigsaw” that leads to a reunification between, you, your loved ones, lost friends and relatives. In today’s hectic and impersonal world we can act as your professional and sensitive link in finding missing people, locating relatives and lost friends. Our services can extend to arranging the, “First contact”, either by a letter or by a friendly face.

We can supply birth, death and marriage certificates and the usual research and genealogical services and have assisted in tracing missing beneficiaries for individuals and solicitors, for many years.

Tracing Award Finalist

As experienced private investigators and people locators we are never surprised by the variation of missing people. Some have moved abroad, passed away, changed their name (Deed poll, marriage, convenience, death) – As the years pass the client needs to realise that people can disappear and that no agency can guarantee results, this “edict” is especially relevant to adoption enquiries.

Our tracing service is backed by a decade of experience and expertise, hopefully you utilise our locate services and our research detectives can open a case file for the reunification or information that you desire.

We deal with a regular stream of people find enquiries and always offer the keenest range of prices. If you need some more help or guidance, please feel free to contact one of our staff on: 0800 2797752.

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