As a progressive and established firm of private investigators we seek to conduct our investigations in a lawful and ethical way. As investigator trainers we must respect both human rights issues and conduct surveillance with the required, “Due dilligence”.

Our main concern as your surveillance operatives is that we are compliant with the law and thereby ensure that should the matter become tested by the Courts – there will be no issues with either the method of investigation or the form of reporting we use.

We use vehicle tracking technology in strictly defined circumstances and only after close consideration of current law and ethics… essentially, the tracker is an, “Intelligence gathering tool” and any evidence gathered must be reinforced by, “Line of sight”, surveillance.

Our operatives are based throughout the UK and are available for insurance companies, businesses and solicitors to investigate and report upon the status of absent staff, suspicious employees, fraud, claimants and the like.

A combination of background research from our office based private investigators (Using open source research) with investigators in the field is always the best method of conducting cost effective surveillance – the hourly rate is important from your point of view – from our perspective, the less time we spend looking at non events is important to us.

Our preferred surveillance format is digital and we supply stills and all recordings in this form. We are particularly expert in using covert body worn cameras and our operatives have been successful as mystery shoppers. We cracked a pilferage or stock loss case recently when it was necessary to trace the missing items. The body worn camera recorded the lost stock.

In summary, competent and ethical covert and overt surveillance conducted by trained and accredited private investigators is the “Win – win” scenario.

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