Cyber Crime and Forensic Expertise available from fast responding Private Investigators

We forensically examine computers and other electronic mediums such as mobile phones, game consoles, sat nav’s, and the like to supply detailed reports and witness testimonies for evidential purposes. We can reconstruct hard drives and in some cases recover information that was assumed to be lost. As expert Private Investigators we have the experience to interrogate and extrapolate data from most networks and systems as directed.

Cyber crime is a growing menace and we as professional investigators, indeed “Professional witnesses”, in the private sector are well equipped to respond and solve your requirements.

We can go beyond e-mail tracing, password breaking, trap doors and firewalls into the more complex and challenging areas of forensic science and investigations. We can, for example advise on the design and deployment of, “Honey pot”, investigation protocols on both the micro and macro scale.

We have earned an unenviable reputation for swift and comprehensive investigations and work closely with: Forths Forensic Accountants to lock down evidence in “White collar” frauds and the like. Our aim is to produce quality evidence which is sufficient for Court purposes.

Whatever your needs – make sure you employ the clear heads of our fast response unit, remember we are just a phone call away – we want to be challenged and stretched.

We strike the necessary balance between a traditional ethos and cost driven methodologies and always ensure that you are afforded the best trained operatives available. We maintain extensive in-house quality assurance programmes which ensure that our work conforms to a consistent high standard.

Make us your first call for corporate, employment law and business crime matters.

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