Solicitors and the Legal Sector understand the importance of professional investigator excellence, especially those at the zenith of the evidence gathering process.

Our steely compliance and adherence to standards and ethical methodologies together with our policies and procedures, place us at a unique juncture…maintaining client satisfaction and unmatched service levels in the trace and asset search sector.

When the investigatory process in the private sector has failed we can obtain Personal Credit Data File Information, in full compliance with the Data Protection Act, Civil Procedure Rules and Civil Recovery Proceedings, to assist your ongoing legal and recovery processes.

Financial investigation, asset forfeiture, asset and debtor tracing at this level was only previously possible with the prohibitively expensive: Anton Piller Order or Mareva Injunction.

Information that is available (In certain, defined, circumstances) include: Mortgages (Account numbers, residues, account status), Bank Accounts, not: Private Banks (Account numbers, account status, size of overdraft, if any), Linked addresses, aliases, etc.

These services come with the provenance that this is not a, “Pre sue” or, “Fishing operation”.

We all share a common interest in addressing asset fraudsters, perpetrators of malpractice, asset disposals, thefts, financial liability evaders, and misappropriates of company funds.

Contact our consultant by e-mail, in the first instance to enter our pre-screen process. We will advise you as promptly as possible if we can assist in your civil recovery proceedings or legal proceedings.

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