Over many years we have acted as Enquiry Agents for Solicitors and Legal Practices and private enterprise throughout the UK. We are on hand to serve legal process using our own process servers. We also serve papers using our extremely reliable and capable network of private investigators and detectives throughout the UK and Europe.

We take instructions by post, .pdf’s via e-mail, fax, or by DX to Leeds Park Square 14082 and are well known for our professionalism, competence and keen prices.

In addition to our process server activity we are outstanding in the arena of people trace, money trace and debtor trace. We consistently out perform debt collection agencies, other detective agencies and the, “people trace”, industry in general. Indeed, when tested with direct comparisons of results between ourselves and dedicated debtor tracing companies we have always prevailed.

Our debtor trace expertise means that we will enhance your back office trace and collect facility – providing proportionally better results at keener prices than your present “Data base” trace agent.

We provide a reunite service for Personal Injury Solicitors in tracking down clients to a new address and then establishing the situation regarding the status of the matter. In today’s highly competitive world our success here feeds back into your operation – allowing some cases to close but reopening many more.

We are expert in matters relating to probate and tracing beneficiaries in wills.

In all these areas we look to establish a mutually beneficial working relationship with our clients who favour our down to earth values and ability.

Although we use our network of investigators all over the UK and beyond for process serving, we also use this network to make trace enquiry visits, compile statements of means, produce status enquiries and compile pre sue reports – remember we are a truly national and international operation.

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